In case of suspected severe acute illness and injuries, call the Norwegian medical emergency number:


Norwegian national A&E-number

If you are located in one of the municipalities under our A&E-clinic, please call the Norwegian national A&E-number 116117. You will be asked to press 9 for information in English. If you are using a mobile telephone with an foreign SIM-card, try calling +47 578 32 300.
If possible you should always call the A&E telephone service before you attend at the clinic!

About Sunnfjord og Ytre Sogn A&E-clinic

Sunnfjord og Ytre Sogn A&E-clinic (shortened SYSIKL) is the largest A&E-clinic in Sogn og Fjordane County, and a cooperative between the municipalities in the districts of Sunnfjord and Ytre Sogn. The clinic is a part of the municipal health care service. The clinic is staffed with general practitioners from the municipalities and permanent employed nurses. We are located east of the main entrance on the campus of Førde Central Hospital.

We provide out-of-hours emergency health services for the public during night, weekends and public holidays. On weekdays the A&E-services are provided by the local GP’s and health centres in the municipalities (contact information here). We also have a observation and treatment ward for minor medical cases and a sexual assault centre for Sogn og Fjordane county.

The municipalities that belongs under our A&E-clinic is: Askvoll, Balestrand, Fjaler, Førde, Gaular, Hyllestad, Høyanger, Jølster and Naustdal. We also service the A&E telephone service for the municipalities of Bremanger, Flora, Gloppen and Solund.

Where to find us:
Svanehaugvegen 2
Bygg Aust, Førde Central Hospital
6812 FØRDE

Right to health care services for foreigners in Norway

Anyone staying in Norway is entitled to urgent medical care from the public health services.
Please note that the Norwegian health care services are divided into two systems, the municipal (GP’s, A&E-services, public nursing homes etc.) and the specialized (hospitals, ambulance services etc.). If you are an EU/EEA/Swiss-citizen, please remember to bring your European Health Insurance Card.

General information for foreigners from the EU/EEA/Switzerland here.
More information for tourists from a the EU/EEA/Switzerland here.
More information for tourists from a country outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland here.

Payment at the A&E-clinic

All patients need to pay a patient fee for consulting a doctor, laboratory services, medications and supplies at the A&E-clinic. The fees are set by the Norwegian Health Economics Administration (HELFO).
If you are a citizen of an EU/EEA-country, always remember to bring your European Health Insurance Card. If you cannot show the European Health Insurance Card, you will not receive the Norwegian public refund.

Travel and/or health insurance will not be accepted at the clinic. Bring the receipt from the payment and claim refund on your travel insurance or from the right administration in your home country.